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Plastic Credit Cards vs. Metal Credit Cards (Comparison)

Metal credit cards function similarly to plastic equivalents, although they are made of heavier materials. Carbon, 24K Gold, stainless steel, brass and titanium may all be used to make such cards. Some of them are even made of a combination of metal and plastic. These cards are the best choice for anyone looking for the most recent advancements. But the question today is whether you should pick metal credit cards versus plastic credit card ones. Let's look at some of their distinctions.

  1. When comparing Custom Metal Credit Card to plastic ones, you will notice that they are a lot heavier. They are, nevertheless, far more robust than their plastic counterparts.
  2. Metal credit and debit cards are easier to clean than plastic credit and debit cards. You can kill virtually all bacteria by wiping your metal card with rubbing alcohol. It's one of the reasons why banks and consumers like CardRare metal cards.
  3. When it comes to plastic cards, they can easily shatter and bend. Furthermore, the information written on them fades with time. Metal credit cards, on the other hand, are unbreakable.
  4. A Custom Metal Credit Card wins the race in terms of appearance and feel. You are able to make it appealing by using a distinctive design, catchy slogans, or gorgeous logos. They, unlike plastic cards, can provide a sense of luxury.

You are a plastic card holder?

CardRare, allows people all around the world to convert their plastic credit cards into high-tech bespoke custom metal credit card. The card is made entirely of stainless steel, and it is attractive, luxurious, and a symbol of success. Card owners do not have to be wealthy to be in the VIP part of the metal credit card league.

When it comes to delivery, we provide quick shipment by DHL, UPS and Fedex. We recognize the importance of your financial information. CardRare guarantees that everything will be safe and secure. We also ship the metal card insured and include a tracking number.

Don't understand the procedure? Simply check our How It Works page and FAQ page. If you still have questions contact our live chat before placing your order. We will keep you updated during the process.