CardRare Gift Card - CardRare
CardRare Gift Card - CardRare
Custom Black Metal Card
CardRare Gift Card - CardRare


24K Gold.

Matte Black.

Rose Gold.

CardRare Converts Your Plastic Credit/Debit Card to Luxurious Metal or 24K Gold.

Works with any Card. No Annual Fees. No Hidden Fees. Secure.

Our Vision.

For many decades Metal Credit/Debit Cards were only reserved for the wealthy elite. Until now! CardRare is specialized in making the world's most Heaviest and Luxurious Custom Metal Cards because we believe you deserve better than plastic. Each card is a true art piece made for your pocket. No more spending a fortune just to own a luxury metal card. This is CardRare.

Custom Metal Credit Card

Rare & Exclusive.

Each card is individually crafted and hand-finished to be the only one like it in the world. With a precise laser a beautiful design is engraved on your card just like magic.

Heavier than any Card.

A heavy Card was not enough for us. So we made the World's Heaviest Luxury Metal Card. With 28 grams this card will make a true difference which you can feel. Say Goodbye to plastic.

Custom Metal Debit Card

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You guys are not going to believe my story.
When I was in line to pay for my stuff at the grocery store. I accidently dropped my metal card and it hit the floor hard! It made a very loud metal sound. So loud that It made a scene. I picked it up as fast I could, but not before people could notice where and what had made that sound. I picked it up to pay and I heard people behind me whispering: "Wow, that must be a very expensive credit card!". The cashier lady told me she has never seen such a card. I said, "it's one of those fancy metal credit cards". She replied, "damn, so you must be rich". LOL now I'm going to order more cards. This is too much fun.

Anonymous (Client)

My new luxury metal card is amazing! I have never seen a card like this before. No matter where I go, I always get compliments because of my card. From now on I will immediately convert all my new plastic cards at cardrare.

Alex D. (Beta Tester)

I never knew this was possible. I will never again pay $5000 for a metal card from a traditional bank. You guys already saved me so much money. CardRare is a true game changer!

Victor S. (Ambassador)